6 thoughts on “Global Warming”

  1. I totally agree. Global warming or cooling (as in previous centuries) is caused by our solar system journeying through our galaxy.
    Climate ‘scientists’ are politically motivated against American industrialisation and enterprise. They resent success. They ignore China!

  2. Nature is a perfect machine. The careless man caused his alteration. I think it is necessary for each of us to adopt correct behavior so that the world can be preserved and handed over to future generations.

  3. The idea that mankind can dominate nature in the long term has as much hope as any man or woman seeking to dominate another in the long term.

    Natural cycles will always prevail whether that be weather patterns or ones own karma. Karma being actions previously taken in my life for which consequences, “good or bad,” are still due.

    Any action bound in love will return to me in love. Any action bound in fear will return to me in fear.

    I don’t try to change the weather or other people but instead concentrate on the one person I can change… Luca🤣 only kidding, me!

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