4 thoughts on “Politics”

  1. My experience is that when one door closes another door closes as well. But, as the crucified disciples sang in Monty Python, “Always look on the bright side” – which is what you do.
    Love, R . + P. x

  2. In our dualistic world the polarization of opposites ensures conflict.

    We find peace through the integration of our own opposites. Both ends of the magnet are valid despite being opposite. Neither claims to be “more right” than the other as they are both essential for the magnet to exist.

    The inside of a box may hold more stuff but that is not possible with the outside of the box. Likewise I know who I am in the world as much by knowing who I am not.

    If there is unresolved conflict in me it is best I seek to heal that before seeking to heal the external. That is a faster route to peace.

    It’s working, very slowly but then that’s all that’s required 😉

    I love your blogs!

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